Sidewinder Special Birthday Event on Raiders Radio!!

DJMattC & Champagne Bubblee on pt1
October 22, 2012
The Sidewinder Ents show 30/11/12
December 7, 2012

Sidewinder Special Birthday Event on Raiders Radio!!

I wanted to let you all know that this special event is coming up soon and is not one you should miss! Members of the Sidewinder Entertainment family are going to be hosting a 4 hour set LIVE on Radiers Radio on the 21st as part of the Birthday celebrations.


Sidewinder Family members will be Juiceman, Moonee, Pricipal, DJMattC, Birdman and Champgne Bubblee! Back to back for 4 hours straight…you know its going to be good, you know that your going to get some of the best tunes that you have ever heard with lyrics from Juiceman and Bubblee…

Now we have done something like this before and it was literally INSANE, the mixing was amazing and the CEO himself did a very good job of making sure the show was on point! This one is going to be even better and it NOT TOO BE MISSED! Remember the date people 21st December LIVE on

Remember…you can listen/watch to me every Friday LIVE on Raiders Radio along with other induvidual members of the Family.




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