Resolution 2013 Released!

Resolution 2013 – Coming Soon!!!
February 6, 2013
Resolution 2013 – DJMattC & Champagne Bubblee
March 7, 2013

Resolution 2013 Resolution 2013

The wait is over!…

‘Resolution 2013’ has landed and me and Champagne Bubblee are asking you to tune in and turn up the volume! If you love UKG old and new then we KNOW that your gonna love this mix.

DJMattCMixed LIVE by DJMattC and Hosted by Champagne Bubblee, both proud members of the Sidewinder Ents family, this mix has been on the cards for a while and is finally here.

This was actually meant to be released a few weeks back but a technical fault in the studio put back the release date, but as they say ‘all good things come to those that wait’ Resolution 2013 is certainly something worth waiting for.

Champagne Bubblee & DJMattCThe mix has been uploaded to Soundcloud as this one of the most accessable place on the web for everyone and you have the choice to either stream it through a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone or you can Download it direct aswell.

Make sure you ‘like’ the track for us and leave a comment aswell, if you really like our work with Resolution 2013 then repost it and share it to Facebook adn Twitter for us. Give us some feedback as it helps us for future releases!

Resolution 2013 tracklist - CD Back cover

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