DJMattC & Champagne Bubblee on pt1

SHY FX, Mista Jam, Garry K and DJMattC – Subrockerz
October 22, 2012
Sidewinder Special Birthday Event on Raiders Radio!!
December 7, 2012

DJMattC & Champagne Bubblee on pt1

DJMattC & Champagne Bubblee on www.intobeats.comSo the following tunes and vids are all from Intobeats FM Radio….this show was originally the DJ Principal Show but me and Bubblee highjacked it for one night only.

The first half of the show is dedicated to UKG, old skool garage and alike with the second half of the show being newer tracks and stuff you might not of heard of…#exclusive tunes.

This mix is available for you to play direct on this page or feel free to download it to your PC, iPod or CD


As there are so many tracks in this mix I have not specified any of the tracks….however if you want to know a tune that is featured then get in touch and I will let you know…if you ask really nicely you might get it sent to you.


If you want to download this mix then just hit me up with a quick message and I will send you the file….provide me with an email address to send it too…

DJMattC & Champagne Bubblee on

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